New Book!
Click here for Bishvil Ha-Ivrit 1, our new beginner’s book!
August Regional Seminars: Teaching Beginners and the NEW Bishvil Ha-Ivrit 1 Book
We are holding 5 seminars across the United States introducing the new Bishvil ha-Ivrit 1 book:

Florida August 16-17

Chicago August 19-20

Los Angeles August 23-24

New Jersey August 26-27

Maryland August 30-31

Thank you to all who have already registered.
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The NETA-CET Program
NETA-CET is a cutting edge Hebrew language program, bringing Hebrew alive with print and digital media and face-to-face and virtual training for Hebrew teachers.

Curriculum and Materials

The NETA –CET curriculum and materials encourage an ongoing and dynamic interaction between content, linguistics, and skill development. They offer a wide variety of genres - prose and poetry, conversations, interviews, articles, notes, questionnaires and more; opportunities to master the 4 communicative skills -reading, writing, listening and speaking; and a sequential progression of grammar and linguistics.

Active linguistic ability is built gradually along a sequential progression of increasing length and complexity of texts, richer vocabulary and greater syntactic complexity.

The curriculum is made up of 3 levels:

Reaching over 15,000 students in 120 schools worldwide the NETA-CET Hebrew program is a dynamic, multi-dimensional, and holistic approach to teaching and learning Hebrew for students in grades 6-12.

Hebrew language learning

The program cultivates all aspects of Hebrew language learning - grammar and content, conversations and literature, poetry and factual information, drills and exercises and topics for lively discussion, songs and moral dilemmas, writing assignments and independent reading, current events and Biblical texts.

The Materials

The program offers materials for all Hebrew levels, from beginners to advanced. The materials introduce students to Hebrew of all historical periods: biblical, rabbinic, medieval, enlightenment and modern.

The Technology

Technology enhances and supports learning with audio recordings, interactive technology, documentary films, and more. As students speak, read, write, and listen to spoken Hebrew, they encounter new viewpoints on daily life in Israel, Jewish tradition and history, and general world knowledge.

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